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Andrew Hall Books
The Home of Modern Writing
Welcome to AH Books, the temporary home of critically acclaimed author, screenwriter and director Andrew Hall. Check out news, forthcoming and existing titles, exciting events and more online. Plus, reserve your copies of the latest novels, screenplays and films right here.
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Amazing news! Our in-house author Andrew has just won the rights to work on a project of truly global proportions: 24 GMT, exclusive previews and brand new pages will all be launched later this month, following Andrew's progress through scripting a sequel to one of the most gripping television shows in the world.
Looking forward to the literary event of the year? The Last September, from critically-acclaimed author Andrew Hall, is available from July 4th. But if you can't wait until then, why not uncover the events leading up to the disaster for yourself? The Last September: Standing Orders is out May 10th. Prepare yourself while there is still time.
Also this month...
Newly released - HEAT: Deadline of Tomorrow
When a soldier is discovered at the bottom of a cave in South Africa, miles from where he should have been, questions are raised about a mysterious special forces unit operating from within the country. And when US senator Jack Kingston sends a new force out there to uncover the problem, he places not only his men, but the entire nation in terrible jeopardy.

Release date announced - The Last September
The Posthumously Awarded novels, written by acclaimed author and screenwriter Andrew Hall, tell the harrowing tale of a group of teenagers struggling to survive persecution in a post-apocalypse USA. It's a story of freedom, hope, and how the will to survive rises in the most unlikely of people. The limited edition first book in the series - The Last September - is available in print from July 4th.

New novel - Standing Orders
"Kill him. That's an order!". When 15 year old Jason Leaver uncovers the truth behind a government-authorised assassination programme that killed his father, he is determined to expose those responsible, especially as he may be there next target. The Last September: Standing Orders is available May 10th.

Release date announced - Stars Under the Summer Sun
The second book in the Posthumously Awarded series, this epic tale follows the teenagers as the world begins to wake up from the terrible trauma it has suffered. But with the real orchestrators of the year's events still at large, it is only a matter of time before they are hunted down. To be released June 18th 2010